Happy Summer Solstice!

I like that the longest day of the year in 2012 was a Wednesday.  By default, this means that it was the longest day of not having to work, of the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, AND of Brad and Kels adventure day.

Score, Mother Nature.

And what a market day it was!

The French Lavender was so beautiful and smelled SO good I had to buy a bunch.  And then she wrapped it like this.  Beautiful!

With Summer comes tomatoes, and Tomato Season is officially ON!  I bought so many… I’m thinking about making a Tomato Goat Cheese Tart this week with them.

There were lots of summer squash.  And I thought this picture was funny…  It made Brad giggle.

David (jokingly) made me hold Brad’s hand so he wouldn’t scurry off to flirt with any more chefs.  There was already too much flirting going on.  We spent an hour on half a block.

We needed to focus.

Hand holding lasted about 30 seconds.  Brad just as easily dragged me along with him to flirt, and quickly took off as soon as he saw the guys from Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.

There were colorful crates….

And unruly Corgis.

The first of the melons…

And some of the last of the cherries.

And then, after we had spent every last dollar we brought with us and we headed back to Bar Pintxo, there was a drawing of some cuddling piggies on the Pintxo feature board.

Now it is 7:30.  The sun is still shining bright, fresh baked Balsamic Cherry Crostatas have just come out of the oven (recipe to follow tomorrow!), and Brad is prepping for a fantastic Summer feast.

Happy Summer Solstice, all!  Enjoy your extra sunlight!


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