Thank You (with Octopus Cards)!!

So this week is a big week in my Key of Kels world. Not only is Wednesday, August 15th my One Year Bloggiversary (!!!), but this is my 150th post as The Key of Kels. That means that 150 times in … Continue reading

Pulpo and Toast

The Toasts are in town! Just for the weekend.  Steve is mostly working.  Brad is mostly working.  I, too, am mostly working.  But Sarah is here to relax.  And in the hours that I am not working, I will be … Continue reading

Brad & Kels Leap Day

Yesterday was the day that comes only once every four years. And it was awesome. I like to tell people that Leap Day was my actual due date, but I was born three days early.  Now that I am older, … Continue reading