Brad & Kels Leap Day

Yesterday was the day that comes only once every four years.

And it was awesome.

I like to tell people that Leap Day was my actual due date, but I was born three days early.  Now that I am older, I’m not 100% sure this is true, but the story has stuck.

(Mom?  Can you verify?)

Yesterday was also the last day that Brad and I will have off from work before we leave next week for our trip to Maryland.  And while we are SO excited to meet little Max and to see some of the east coast family and friends – we were both kind of dreading this next seven days of non-stop working.

So we looked at our Leap Day as an extra bonus day.  A day that we could have our Brad and Kels adventure and rest up for the grueling week ahead.

And let me tell you.  It was a really, really great Wednesday.

I mean, we started out with Brad perfecting an octopus dish he’s been working on.  He wanted to make it real quick before we left Pintxo so David could try it.

Breakfast Octopus.

This is my life…

Then it turned out we had a certified crew for the Farmer’s Market.  The three Bar Pintxo chefs, three chefs from Artisan House downtown, two Pintxo servers, and me.  We were like a gang walking around with our cart that was ridiculously packed.

Best cart yet.

Just looking around the market, you could absolutely tell that spring was on it’s way.  I think Justin said that “It’s starting not to be boring anymore.”

I mean, the Market isn’t ever boring.  But after a few months of potatoes and Brussel sprouts and beets, you’re looking forward to some fruits and vegetables that you haven’t seen in a while.  It’s like a chef’s version of cabin fever.  After a long winter, you can’t wait for those fresh flavors of summer and spring.

I mean, look for yourself.

So we got home, unpacked…

And wouldn’t you know it – the return of Brad’s Market Salad!!

Greens from the garden, purple carrots, radishes, sunflower seeds, cucumber and goat cheese.

We devoured this one and then he made me another.  It was so freaking good.  I love all salads.  Especially Market Salads.

After a little downtown and a quick nap, we were hungry again.

Brad got started on dinner.  Papardelle with chicken sausage and red sauce.

All homemade from scratch.

The man amazes me, I tell you.  I tried and I tried, but the only thing I did to help out in making this meal was suggest that we could hang the rolled out pasta over the back of the dining room chairs to keep them stretched.  Then I set the table.

Then I did a really good job eating it.  Oh, and I did the dishes.  Because when someone makes you the best version of spaghetti and red sauce you’ve ever had (remember?  I’m addicted to spaghetti and red sauce right out of the bottle?  it’s my guilty pleasure…) you clean up afterward.

Correction.  You take a ten minute breather and then you clean up.

We are, however, in serious need of a dough roller so homemade pasta can happen a lot more often.  Anyone have any suggestions of one they love?  Maybe a Kitchen Aid attachment?

But for now I am off to my 7 days of restaurant working madness.  Wish me luck.  The only thing other than luck getting me through is that tiny little guy named Max who is waiting to meet his Aunt Kelly and Uncle Brad over on the east coast. (!!!!!)


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