February Photo Round Up

I love Instagram.  Love it.  I love taking pictures and making them look even better with filters.  I love looking at other people’s pictures.  I love searching and finding pictures from people all over the world taking pictures of the same things I’m taking pictures of.  I like following people I know and people I don’t know.

Instagram is the best.

So when I saw friends starting to post themed photos each day, I got curious.  There were photo-a-day lists? A list of a topic a day to interpret any way you would like and share with all of the other people participating in the challenge?  Yes!

I started February 1st with @FatMumSlim’s list.  It seemed easy enough.

I think it was about February 12th that I dropped off.  (Seriously, no one needs to see inside my closet…)  Some days I just wanted to take pictures – I didn’t want it to be themed.  I would forget what the theme of the day was.  I’d be four days behind, rushing around trying to find something to fit a word.

Can you say #PhotoADayFail?

But now looking back, I took a lot of great pictures last month.  So I decided to make my own end of the month wrap-up.  Using my handy Pages application on my Mac, I figured out how to throw together a little calendar of my February Food Adventures.  These pictures all stick to my “food” theme, AND they were taken on the day of the calendar they appear on.

(Ok, not ALL of them were on the exact date they appear… But I only cheated for 3 days, I swear.  And I’m sure those 3 days I was eating something that was just so good that I devoured it before reaching for my iPhone.  I know – scary, but it happens.)

I read this post recently all about photograph statistics…

It says that with the advances in camera phones recently, every 2 minutes we take as many pictures as all of humanity was taking in the 1800s.  And that 10 percent of all the photos ever taken (it’s only been 200 years!) have been taken in the past 12 months.  If you think about it, we used to have photos from big events – birthdays, holidays, events.  Now we document every meal, every flower, every night out with our friends.  We have uploaded over 140 BILLION pictures on to Facebook alone.


Not learning from my mistakes, I started a new photo-a-day on March 1st attempting to keep up with it one more time. But since making this calendar I have decided to scrap the stress of it all.  As long as I’m taking at least one picture every day, I’m going to make a photo round up every month of whatever is going on in The Key of Kels world.  That way I can still look back in the future to see how I was living my life that month.

Or in this case, what amazing food I was eating that has forced me to become a runner once again…

It was a delicious February!


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