A Blustery Market Day

Today was a cold and windy day for the Market.

But the guys decided they were going in full force today.  All three wore their chefs coats.  I wore a sweater and a leather jacket.  It was too darn cold.

Tents we’re mostly out of the question today, as shown by the one that collapsed a few stands down from us as a strong gust blew through.

But no wind can keep me away.  Especially now that our wedding flowers are back in bloom…

Ranunculus!  They are all over!  And they are my favorite flower.

And the produce is all starting to look a little more springy…

Other than the wind fighting with my hair (I now have dreads. Thanks a lot wind), it was a pretty tame Market Day for us as our Market Days go. I didn’t buy much produce this week. No fresh squeezed OJ, no fresh eggs, no flowers even.  Just a few things to get Suzi by as she hangs out with Gibson over the weekend…

Because we are leaving for Maryland in the morning!!!!

Things I Am Excited For On Our Maryland Trip:

1. To meet baby Maxwell!! Everyone keeps raving about how cute this little nephew of mine is, and I gotta see him for myself. Knowing his parents, I bet he’s pretty darn cool.

2. To see the Black Keys in DC… With my parents. And my aunt and uncle. And my Husband and sister and sister’s friend. We have quite the crew going. And I can’t freaking wait!!

3. To see my family and friends!!!!! It has been way too long. October was the last time we were back, and it was a whirlwind of wedding celebrations, hangovers, and more celebrations (and more hangovers).

4. To sleep in the purple room on Wild Bees Lane. The room Brad proposed to me in!

5. To watch “The Newlywed Show” with the HHS crew Monday night, including one of the couples who just might have a shot at winning that trip to Cancun. 😉

6. To be off from work for 6 whole days. Unreal.

7. To take my parents’ mind off of the other houseguest they’ve been tending to recently.  They may still not have the house to themselves, but I have a feeling we stay up way later than Gramps and are much more entertaining…

7. Did I mention seeing my family and friends? Well I’m mentioning again. I love those guys. Can’t wait to just be near them for a while.

So one more shift tonight at the old R+D before we pack up (I’m supposed to be doing this now…) and jet off to BWI where our Bylsma Camry limousine awaits us. And I might just be bringing some Farmer’s Market goodness onto the plane with me to share with you East Coasters. It’s always nice to have produce flown in especially for you!


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