Farmer’s Market Fall

Santa Monica Farmer's Market

Let’s be honest.  It was Labor Day.  Then I blinked.  Then it was nearly Halloween. Well, Hellooooo Fall! For the last ten years or so I have spent my autumns in places and climates where the leaves don’t change color. … Continue reading

The Killer Ladybugs

You might think the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market is the most amazing thing in the produce world from the pictures and posts I put up.  And it’s true, it is the most amazing thing that ever happened to produce…  But … Continue reading

How Does Our Urban Garden Grow?

I really impressed myself the other day. I made a beautiful and delicious salad made only with vegetables, raisins, and nuts either bought at the Farmer’s Market or taken right from our own garden. I sat down to eat it … Continue reading