Cook Pigs Ranch

We went to see the piggies.

Brad, David, Allie and I trekked down to Fallbrook to visit Krystina at Cook Pigs Ranch.  Brad had done some piggie business with her before, and after following her twitter, we knew we had to go and check this place out.  I mean, who doesn’t like hanging with piggies on their day off?

We may have had ulterior motives, though.  I was secretly planning on pig-napping one of these little guys.

Seriously, watch this video.  Adorable.

But then we got there and we realized that even the tiniest of the pigs wouldn’t stay that size for long.  These were some seriously big piggies.  No pig-napping allowed.

Anyway, Krystina lives with her two toddler sons, a bulldog and a mastiff, a few goats (including one miniature one who thinks it is a dog), chickens, and 100 pigs.  And all of this with a husband who is currently deployed.

I have no idea how she does it.

With three momma pigs, lots and lots of baby pigs, and a few 600 pounders, we were overwhelmed with piggies of all sizes.  We got down and dirty in the mud with the little guys (not the big ones), and made a few animal friends along the way.

Thank you so much, Krystina, for having us by!  We can’t wait to come back for the grand opening of the new farm.  And we just might take you up on that micro mini pig connection of yours…


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