Market Wednesday

We decided today at the Farmer’s Market that it is way easier to blow through a bunch of cash at the Market in the spring.  The smells, the colors, the flavors – its amazing.  But I tried to keep it in check, especially since I’ll be out of town partying in Vegas all weekend.

I started off the morning with a little treat from Brad and Bar Pintxo.  Chorizo Tomato Pintxos to-go.  Great market breakfast.

I bought some amazing strawberries from Gloria’s Farm, as usual.

Brad demonstrated how produce needs space to “dance”.  Not breathe, but dance.

Our cart kept getting bigger…

And bigger… (almost as tall as me)

And bigger!

I bought some amazing smelling lilacs.

And caught quite a few people, including this older gentleman, smelling them when I left them unattended.

Overall, great market day.  Now Brad and I are off to enjoy his one day “off” this week.  Dinner and a show.  I’ll report back soon!


2 thoughts on “Market Wednesday

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