A Little Motivation…

I am not an “exercise person”.

My family went on a vacation to Myrtle Beach a few weeks before my freshman year of high school and I floored them all by insisting on staying home and trying out for the field hockey team.

I made the team. And I played for four years. (Defensive MVP two years, what what?!?!)

Our team only ever won a game or two every season, but I met some of my best friends that way. So I didn’t really look at it as playing a sport. It was fun and social…

And it was exercising, I suppose. But that was secondary.

Anyway, I’ve been running a lot recently. Mostly because I am married to a chef who believes in using a whole lot of butter plus the fact that we both really like to eat. I’m lucky enough that I have a pretty good metabolism and I haven’t completely blown up yet, but I’m trying to get into a good routine to keep the jiggles away.

Oh, and i also run so I can continue to eat as much butter-drenched food as Brad puts in front of me.

So I thought I’d give some of my top motivations for getting my butt off the couch to anyone out there who also needs a little push. You know, if bathing suit season quickly approaching isn’t enough…

1. Get a good pair of sneakers. Yes, comfortable and sturdy is important. I used to have all kinds of knee problems, and I’m sure it was my sneaker’s fault. But in addition to that, get sneakers that you like. I love my Nike Frees. They’re cute and stylish enough that I put them on when I want to run a few errands, and then I realize I should do a little workout, too. Bonus, my flashy feet distract from my bright red, sweaty face. Ugh.

2. While we’re on the topic of running in style, my friend Michelle told me that whenever she gets in a workout rut, she goes out and buys a new fun sports bra or workout outfit. Seems silly, but it absolutely works. I bought a bunch of neon sports bras and they just pep me up a little. Seriously, try it.

3. Get a good work-out mix. I just put on the Pop & Hip Hop Workout station on Pandora and hit the road. If you have the Pandora app on your iPhone (it’s free!), you can go to New Station, Genre, and then Workout and choose your own type of Workout Mix. There is Classic Rock, 80s Cardio, Country Fitness, Rap Strength Training… If you’re tired of your workout playlist, check it out. I somehow never get sick of my mix of Rihanna, LMFAO, Pitbull, Usher, Akon, and crazy Reggae pop that my station spits out at me. Love it.

4. Gibson!! My dog is my biggest push to get out the door and running. She gets so excited as soon as I put my iPhone arm band on and tie up my sneakers. And for a dog that doesn’t really love being out on a leash, it is such an adrenaline rush. I stuff a few poop bags into my sports bra and strap her up. Not only does she pull me to run faster when I start slowing down (she seriously looks at me like, God you’re slow… and it makes me want to prove her wrong), but she’s tired the rest of the day! No whining, not as much barking at people walking by. Just a normal, chill dog. And everyone loves when Gibson is sleepy…

5. Get a Running Tracker app for your phone. I use “Log Your Run”, which works for me. It times you and tells you distance, elevation, calories burned, and all kinds of other things. Just having solid data helps me track my progress and push myself harder to improve. What can I say, I’m a numbers person.

Today Gibson and I ran 2.5 miles in 25 minutes. Not our fastest time, but at least I got out there!

Are there any other tips you have for motivating yourself to get out and exercise? Any other apps you would recommend to track your progress?


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