What I’m Listening To: Vintage Trouble

We’ve been a little exhausted these past couple of nights after work.

I’m blaming it on time changes. I’m still on east coast time. Even though I can very easily sleep in until 10 here on west coast time…

But the other night we were watching David Letterman after work and Brad had just poured me a glass of wine. I was struggling to keep my eyes open until this awesomeness came on:

Oh my gosh.

We were both wide awake. And Brad immediately bought their album. Is this band rad or what?? I mean, his moves!! Their sound!! Their outfits!!

vintage trouble

Then I did a little research (research was done today because I fell asleep about 10 minutes into Jimmy Fallon that night), and I learn that Paste magazine had voted them the #5 Live Act of 2012, right behind Gary Clark Jr, Bruce Springsteen, The Alabama Shakes, and Jack White. I mean, the guys are opening for The Who. Crazy.

Why have I not heard of these guys before? And can I convince Brad to take me to the show New Years Eve?


3 thoughts on “What I’m Listening To: Vintage Trouble

      • Haha they have that effect on you. I just got your tweet (i’m adamkennedy1979) about the NYE show, wait till you see them live, you will walk out of the show instantly wanting more. I’ve seen them live 25 times now since the start of 2011, and even traveled from the UK to see them open for the Who at MSG, and was with the guys at Letterman. Make sure you say hi to them after, they are a great bunch of guys 🙂

        I help out with their TroubleMaker Group on FB, where the band often hang out, and you can keep up to date with what’s going on with VT. Feel free to come on over:

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