No Plan Monday

Yesterday was the first day off Brad and I have had in weeks where we had absolutely nothing planned.  No moving.  No packing. No utility set-ups.  No nothing.

And although we had no plans, we managed to wander around Santa Monica and have a pretty grand old time.

How did we spend our day with no plans?  Well…

We slept in past 10.

We discovered a new neighborhood joint (Marmalade Cafe) that serves breakfast until 3PM everyday.  Score.

We borrowed a power drill and embarked on a home-improvement adventure.  Shoe rack for me, pot rack for Brad.

bed bath and beyond

We partially succeeded at this adventure.  My shoes have a spinning rack now.  The pots and pans do not.  Turns out pot racks are way more complicated than show racks and require things like appropriately placed studs.  Our kitchen did not cooperate.

We went to an invite-only studio session with Gary Clark Jr. put on by KCRW that totally rocked.  100 people in a studio setting.  This is the way music should be heard.

KCRW Berkeley sessions

I became a big Gary Clark Jr. fan.  That is one talented man.

We found out that our favorite Ramen place is open until midnight 6 days a week.

We also found out that they do not offer Ramen at night.  No big deal.

We ate other delicious Asian food at our favorite Ramen place that was not Ramen.  I drank a lot of sake.

We discovered Monday nights were mini Boba night at the place next door to our favorite Ramen place.

We ate about 12328 Madeleine cookies while waiting for our mini Boba Tea.

I reconfirmed that I do not like Boba Tea, even if it is mini Boba Tea.

We went back home and hung out on the couch.

I caught up on Homeland (freaking amazing).  Brad slept.


Other than the home-improvement failure, yesterday really rocked.  And tomorrow Brad and I have another whole day off with nothing planned but the Farmer’s Market.

Ahhh…  Back to normal.


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