Right after I posted my Christmas pep talk yesterday, I got up, poured myself a glass of fancy wine, and ate a gingersnap for dinner.

Because it’s Christmas and I can do that.

And then I immediately started writing this post.  Because a few days ago I had a customer ask me if I was really doing great, and I said, “Absolutely, yes.  It’s Christmastime!”

Because I love, love, love Christmas.

I love all of the madness surrounding the holidays.  I love the twinkling lights and the songs that you know every word to.  I even like the hustle and bustle when you’re out shopping and there are a bazillion people in line in front of you.  Because you know that every one of them is just trying to make someone they love smile.

Ah… Christmas.

So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite photos from the Christmas season so far.  Because while I’ve had a few homesick moments, Brad and I have gone out of our way to make this holiday season great.

IMG_0571 IMG_0576

The Farmer’s Market.  Even more amazing during the holidays.


Saint Nicholas day always brings a new ornament.  I love my new little hedgehog!


Santa Clause was spotted doing a test run-through over Wilshire in Beverly Hills.  Awesome.


We cannot control ourselves with late night cupcakes.  Especially when there are holiday flavors in the ATM.


I’m really proud of our wrapping this year.  And it’s finally in the mail and on it’s way to the east coast!


Um, maybe my favorite holiday garland EVER?  Cheers, bitches!


I can’t even tell you how many of these apple cider caramels I ate.  It’s embarrassing.  And I just ate another one right now.


An amazing dinner by the tree.  I am so amazingly lucky.


Gibson discovers Santa Clause.  This toy is long gone by now.


Gibson waiting for her favorite man to bark at… the mail man.

champagne imacMy wine shipment this month is nearly as gigantic as my new computer.  I am very ok with this.


Brad and Gibson asleep under the tree.

That last one is my favorite.  There’s nothing better than hanging out with my little family under the tree.

Only four more days to go!  Merry Christmas!!


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