Return of the Patio!!!

Did I mention that we got our patio back?

After all of the lawyer-talk and the filling out of forms and sending the emails with nasty undertones – it looks like it may have actually worked.  We will be patio-less no more!

Well, sort of.

Apparently the fire marshall came through and declared that our personal items could be not more than three feet away from the building wall to allow for ample walkway space.  Our patio table was probably about 4 feet in diameter, so it will be staying in the backyard of our dear and oh so helpful friend who is housing it for us.  And when this all went down, we got rid of our grill because it had started to rust and it wasn’t worth lugging around town to save.

So there’s that.

But we now have four little plants right outside of our door.  Basil, thyme, rosemary, and a tiny olive tree.  And I have a new mission to find a 3-foot-or-less patio set where I can sit and read and enjoy a cocktail or two.

dog smelling the herbs

I think even Gibson is pretty happy about the possibilities this three feet gives us.


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