Holiday Detox

So, I’m a bit afraid.

I have agreed, most willingly, to join Suzi in a three day, post-holiday juice detox.  This is a commitment to eat all of our well-balanced meals in liquid form for three whole days.

I usually think these detox things are crazy.  Just eat healthy, exercise a bit, and your body will be fine.

But after this holiday season, I feel like my body may need a little help.  And I’ve heard a lot of good things about this juice cleanse thing.  That is gives your body a break.  That you’re only giving your body the things that it can easily break down and that naturally cleanse your system.  That you are freeing up digestive energy for energy to do other things.

So essentially, it’s like a full body oil change.  That takes three days.

Suzi and I are calling it “hitting the restart button”.

By the way, have I mentioned I love to eat?  Because I do.  I love to chew.  I love to taste amazing flavors and foods and textures.

But all of that chewing and eating and tasting (and also drinking…), that’s what got me in this place.  This place where I feel gross and jiggly and just really, grossly unhealthy.  So starting tomorrow, Friday January 6, I will go over to Pressed Juicery and purchase six full meals.  All in liquid form.

One of the choices for your first juice of the day?

Kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber & celery

Your second juice of the day?

beet, apple, lemon & ginger

We are trying to see the best in this.  At the end of every juicy day, you get one almond milk.  And after all this stuff, almond milk sounds like absolute heaven.  Two of the almond milk choices are apple cinnamon and blueberry coconut pear.  That almost sounds like a wonderful dessert.


So Brad has been preparing for a grumpy and starving wife by Sunday afternoon and I am preparing to be writing about how much I want solid food for the next three days.

I apologize in advance for anything that happens out of hunger.

Wish us luck.

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