Glitter Shoes… and More

When I was in high school, I used to wear silver glitter as eye shadow.

And not just to pep rallies or out dancing.  Oh, it’s a Tuesday?  I have a geometry test today?  Guess I’ll wear some silver glitter.

My glitter-crush is still alive and kicking ten years later.  Although I can’t imagine an appropriate event for the eye shadow anymore.  Halloween, maybe?  New Years?

I guess this lady is still working the glitter-shadow…

Anyway.  I saw these kicks on “this is glamourous” recently and it started a full on glitter revival.

I searched and found crafts where people glittered double sided tape, camera straps, disco balls, utensils, wallpaper, even an edible glitter TRIFLE!!  Now you can COOK WITH GLITTER!!!

I went out that night and bought fabric glue and a big container of gold fine glitter.

Not edible.  But so sparkly.

I admit, it took me weeks to decide what to glitter.  It is a commitment, you know.  I wanted so badly to glitter some shoes like the ones I’d seen, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on shoes I could potentially be destroying.

Then I wanted to glitter my guitar.  Brad was surprisingly into it.  I got commitment-phobia.  Every time I’d play I’d be covered in glitter.  Or it’d be all scratchy.  No bueno.

Then I started just picking random things that I thought would be fun to glitter.  How about just a guitar strap?  Or the ribbon on my favorite fedora?  Or a clutch?  Or Gibson?

Brad said I could not glitter Gibson.

Finally this week I took the plunge.  My friend Deva had a short film premier at Universal and I needed something to wear.

I pulled out a pair of black booties that I got at Target months ago.  I hadn’t worn them once.  Something about the color and the platform part – they made my ankles look funny.  And if I hadn’t worn them yet in the four or five months I had them, I was never going to wear them.  Decision made.

These booties were getting glittered.

And I promised Brad that I wouldn’t glitter Gibson, but I think she was kind of into it.

I laid down a trash bag for easy clean up.

I painted on fabric glue to the piece of fabric that covered the heel of the shoes.

I glittered.

I let them dry.

As I waited, I again started searching for things to glitter.  I was hooked.

First thing I found was my keys.  I had seen “All Things Charming” glitter a key on a blog recently…  Fabric glued the top of the key, glittered it up…

Now the key to my parent’s house in Maryland is glittered.

I figure I don’t use it too much, but when I do it is always a special occasion.  And if home is where the heart is, home should definitely have sparkle.

Now the rest of my keys look really lame.

(PS I just read to coat the key in clear nail polish after glittering.  This is absolutely necessary with how hard I am on my keys.  And how much glitter would get in my purse without it.)

But the shoes.  The shoes were a hit.  They looked incredible and dressed up an otherwise pretty plain outfit.

Warning to the OCD clean people: I most definitely shed glitter with every step I took, but I loved it.  I felt a little like Tinkerbell.  And what’s so bad about literally leaving a trail of glitter everywhere you go?  It says “someone had a really good time right here.”

I think the silver-glitter eye shadowed Kels of 2002 would be pretty proud of where her glitter skills were going to go.

And I’m still considering glittering the dog, FYI.

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