I’m not really sure I believe in luck.

I definitely believe I am terrible at gambling – made apparent by my last trip to Vegas – but I don’t think that makes me un-lucky.  It just means I should keep my money in my wallet and just order another free glass of champagne while my friends sit around and play roulette on the casino floor.

But yesterday when I went to take my Wine and Menu test, I put on my “luck” necklace right before I ran out the door.

Not that I really felt I needed it, but what’s it gonna hurt, right?

And it didn’t fail me.  Lucky or not, I passed that test with flying colors.


I also am “lucky” enough to have found an outlet for my writing that I really love, which is a big reason why I am celebrating my One Year Bloggiversary next week!  I’m trying to come up with a few fun things to share with you to celebrate a whole year of eating, drinking, singing, crafting, traveling, and loving life out here in Los Angeles.  Stay tuned for whatever I come up with!

Warning: There will probably be glitter involved.


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