Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival

Another week, another fabulous food event.

This weekend was Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival and the Bar Pintxo boys were representing in style.  Not only were they making paella, but they were making three paellas.

Three.  Paellas.

Seafood Paella with Mussels, Calamari, and Shrimp.  Suckling Pig and Summer Truffle Paella with Fresh Farm Eggs.  Arroz Negro with Mayan Head-on Shrimp.

The guys brought it.

I got to tag along and work the event with the boys, which means I also got to prance around and indulge my tastebuds until the food and wine ran out.

Which, fortunately, didn’t really happen.  Sommeliers brought us bottles of delicious champagne on ice so even when we were working hard, our glasses were full.

Oh, and there was some other food, too.

I’ve decided I like being a “chef”.  The world needs more food events.


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