So I’ve been kind of bummed ever since the removal of our patio.

And as I try to be a positive person, I’ve been staying kind of quiet in my writing until I snap out of my funk.  No one needs to hear my whining.

But today I was feeling the itch to post something, which I’m taking as a sign that I’m coming back to life.

As I sat down to look over my photos and think about something yummy or exciting to write about I realized that even in my gloom this past few days, I have had some really awesome reasons to smile.

Cupcakes and glitter!

This awesome little nephew of mine.  Rock star!

Trying my hand at homemade fudge.  Someone has to keep up the holiday tradition, and I promise mine will be a bit softer.

Champagne with mussels for lunch.

And then more champagne later on in the evening with friends…

My amazing rockstar husband.  He roasts pigs and rocks out on the guitar at 4AM in night clubs.  No big deal.

Bitters stencils?  I’m intrigued.

Black cod and crispy sweet potato skewers.

And finishing dinner with a fantastic Port served in the cutest little glasses.

So I’m working on my positivity this afternoon by being thankful for the friends and family I have that help me get through every challenge and every day.  I promise I’ll be back very soon with a brand new attitude.

What patio?


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