What I’m Listening To: Elle King

Being a “vampire” has some perks, you know.

First of all, no night is ever a school night. Unless I suppose you happen to work a lunch shift, but – score!! – my new job doesn’t serve lunch. So count me out.

Or actually, count me in. Vampires can stay out late.

When I’m not staying out late, late nights are usually filled with a glass or two of wine and late night television while winding down from the madness of a Thursday night dinner rush. I hardly ever watch television, which sometimes seems to be a crime in this town, but we are pretty devout Late Night TV watchers.

Meaning David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien and Carson Daly.

My favorite thing about these shows is typically the last five minutes or so when the musical act gets up and does their thing. Brad and I have discovered a lot of new and interesting bands this way. Lykke Li, Lissie, the Tune-Yards, Alabama Shakes…

And now, Elle King.

Wednesday night Miss King had her network television debut on David Letterman and I instantly found her quirky, rough, fun, and a little bit different. I loved her sound, I loved her Etta James-like growl, and I loved her tattoos.

And now that I’m reading a bit about her, I have learned that she is not only a singer, but a mean banjo player and a tattoo artist in Brooklyn.

Oh, and she’s Rob Schneider’s daughter.

I am most definitely intrigued.

So, if you’re looking for some new music, check this lady out. It’s just her EP out right now, but I’ll be sticking around to hear more.

Oh, and in this one I really like her hat.


2 thoughts on “What I’m Listening To: Elle King

  1. Um, i LOVE her! I feel like I’ve seen her name before, but neither of these songs sound familiar, so maybe not…. anyways, THANKS FOR SHARING! And seriously, Rob Schneider’s spawn? Good work! When do I get to listen to Tink-rockstar?

    • Yep, Elle’s pretty freaking awesome. And I actually just asked for the final edits of all of the commercials I’ve been recording. Hopefully I can post some soon because they are catchy and ridiculous. 🙂

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