Kels’ Home Bar Essentials

I consider myself a bit of a booze expert.

Mostly because I enjoy indulging in a glass of wine or a martini from time to time (aka most nights), but also because it is literally my job to make people drinks.  Whatever drinks they’d like.  And when I’m not working, I’m probably having people over for drinks.  Or just making myself a drink.

Seriously.  Drinks are my thing.

I realize that everyone’s home bar is not as stocked as mine is.  And I realize that a simple Bourbon on the rocks, Gin and Tonic, or Vodka Soda will do it for most occasions.  No shaking, no fuss, no fancy glass required.  Just a nice after-work drink or a quick nightcap.

But what about when you’re throwing that dinner party?  Or when those friends come over for drinks before going out?  Or when you’re opening that super fancy bottle of wine your boss gave you two Christmases ago?

What about when you just want to flat out impress someone?

Your home bar needs a few essential tools to get you into the big leagues.  And I am here to show you the way.

  1.   Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator – Pour a newly opened wine through this and it makes the wine taste like it has been decanting for 15 minutes.  Do the side by side sip comparison.  You’ll thank me.
  2. Stemware – The classy way to drink.  You gotta have it.
  3. Wine Decanter – For when you have a little extra time or a really fancy bottle of wine.
  4. Citrus Squeezer – Makes squeezing citrus easy and less mess.  And fresh citrus juice really does taste better.
  5. Fruit Muddler – Mojitos, anyone?
  6. Cocktail Shaker – Like James Bond, I like my martinis (and most everything else) shaken, not stirred.
  7. SodaStream Jet – In a bind? Need a quick mixer for your vodka or gin?  Fill this guy up with plain tap water and you have super fizzy Soda Water (and a cocktail) in 30 seconds flat.
  8. Vacuum Wine Pump – Sometimes you just need one glass of wine.  This keeps the other three glasses from going bad until you’re ready to take them on.
  9. Double Hinged Corkscrew – The corkscrew that bartenders use. I like mine in bright colors so it doesn’t get mixed up with everyone else’s black.
  10. The Little Black Book of Cocktails – Every bartender has a little black book.  It is impossible to know the recipe of every crazy request that comes over your bar.  Plus, you will probably find something new to try!
  11. Double Sided Jigger – Until you have your free-pouring down, just measure it out.
  12. Strainer – So your drinks are flawless and without big chunks of ice.  And this one is awesome because it looks like a lion!
  13. Wine Tumblers – Casual glassware is important to have when you have your rowdy friends over.  Less glass breaking = more fun for all.
  14. Glass Markers – When you have a lot of different people drinking out of the same style glass, YES, I consider these an essential.  Plus, with these you get to assume the identity of whichever Party Person you pick that night.  Angel?  Veggie?  Alien?  You decide.

Now that your bar is properly stocked with the right tools, you should buy a couple bottles and throw a cocktail party.

Oh, and you should invite me.  I’m a professional.


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