What a Month

September turned out to be a crazy kind of month.

Not only did the parents come to town for a week, but we put our pup on Benadryl, we prepared for our upcoming adventure in NYC, we realized we only have two more medical bill payments until they’re done, we talked a LOT about our future, we made some big life decisions, my hours at work went from 16 a week to 46 a week, and my ankle got crushed by a super heavy wooden panel.

The ankle’s going to be fine. It’s just extremely colorful and on ice right now.

Just how I like my margaritas.  (?!?)

Sometimes during all the working, the running around, and the craziness, we forget to find time to look back to appreciate all of the hard work, tough decisions, bruises and discipline it took to get you to this point. I take a lot of pictures, so for me – while I’m elevating my foot on the couch – a little glance through my Instagram feed reminds me of how much we pack into 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Seriously.  Take a look.

We have such an insane life.

The good thing is that through all of the icing of the ankle, the sushi, the visits with family, the birthdays, the iguanas and the working, I have come up with a whole list full of things to write about.

So get ready.  The Key of Kels is about to blow up in October.

In a good way.  Promise.


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