Five Whole Days

I dropped off Brad this morning at 5AM for the most amazing and exciting business trip yet. He is cooking with my boss, Andrew Kirschner, and representing Tar & Roses at the James Beard House in Manhattan. The James Beard Foundation is a huge deal in the culinary world, awarding very prestigious awards to the best chefs who are doing the most innovative and exciting work in the field.

James Beard Foundation

I am ridiculously excited for Brad. This is an incredible opportunity and such an exciting point in his career as a chef. He has worked so hard and he is so very talented. It is thrilling to see all of the hours, all of the cuts and the burns, and all of the passion and drive he has for what he does in the kitchen coming to fruition. He deserves every ounce of success and I am beyond proud of him.

But I’m also excited because Wednesday night, after seven long days of work straight (that just actually got a little bit longer… ugh), I will be hopping onto a red eye and heading to The Big Apple myself. I not only get to eat this insane meal being served at the James Beard House Thursday night, I get to stay until next Monday.

Brad and I both grew up four hours outside of the city. We have both been many times before. But the difference is that when we were younger, we would take the bus in for a whirlwind day. 4 hours on a bus, 10 hours in the city, and then 4 hours home. Squeeze it all in.  A show, a few sights to see, a quick lunch, and back on the bus.

Not this time. This time I get five whole days. Five!

Five days in the city. Five days of fall and of crisp air and of old friends and family. Five days of exciting sights, subways, restaurants, and skyscrapers.

And five days to be on vacation with my husband with no solid plans. I am so freaking excited.

So until Wednesday night, I will be working crazy hours, icing this ankle, getting in some quality Gibson time, packing, cleaning, and making a list of restaurants and places I want to visit in NYC.

And probably listening to a lot of Jay Z & Alicia Keys. Just to get into the Empire State of Mind. You know.


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