Where the Heck Have I Been?

There sometimes comes the moment in my life when I look around and everything is whirling faster than I ever expected it to.

At that moment, all time seems to be filled.  Filled with activities and plans and places and… and just with things that fill time.  And then I come up for air 4 or 5 weeks later and I look around and I think…

“Where the heck have I been?”

I also, thankfully, think to myself that life is finally coming together.  I think that all of our hard work and our drive and our ideas might finally be coming to fruition.  That for one time in a long time I can see the pieces falling into place.  I can see a plan and the clear goal and maybe even a yellow brick road that will take us there.

But, ultimately, I just think “Where the heck have I been?”

In between all of the things taking up my time the past couple of weeks, I’ve really noticed that The Key of Kels means more to me than I ever could have thought it did.  Whatever free minute I get I am jotting notes or editing photos or just starting drafts of new posts to finish when I have a few more extra seconds.  I cannot wait to get back to a place where I have enough balance (and time!) to work and blog again consistently.  I have so much to write and to share!

But until then, I will continue to wake up, shower, and go to work.  And then after work I will come home, sit on the couch, and wake up four hours later with a kink in my neck.  And then I will force myself and my sleepy husband to get off the most comfortable couch ever and go to our real bed to sleep until we have to do it all over again.

Until then I will love working at a job where my boss makes sure I have Farmer’s Market days off.

Until then I will learn to put together casual, professional, hip, and creative outfits.

Until then I will pack up my apartment and move to a quieter, more peaceful, less stressful environment.

Until then I will continue to be inspired by the people, places, food, and experiences around me – taking notes so I can eventually share them all with you.

And until then, I will work my butt off to get my tiny little baby family exactly where we deserve to be.  I will pick up any shift necessary, I will absorb every ounce of information I can, and I will learn how to deal with every single issue I encounter.  And I will do it all with a smile.  I will treat every guest as if they were a guest in my own house.

With NYC half-business vacations, people getting sick, and unexpected open shifts – the restaurant business is never a walk in the park.  But it is the business I love and it is where Brad and I belong.  I may have started out in this business as a means to pursue something completely different, but in that pursuit I unexpectedly found a business and a career that I feel at home in.  I found a place where Brad and I can make a difference and put our own imprint on the world.

I really do love the hospitality industry.  But, seriously.  Is it Monday yet?


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