Sick Day: Blueberry Muffins and Squash Soup

Seriously, everyone’s getting it.

The flu, that is.  It was only a matter of time before Brad and I caught it, too.  It has been going around our work, taking people out like dominos.  I showed up to host last Friday, thinking I could push through.  Thinking I was just feeling weak.  Thinking with a little more tea or a few more cough drops I’d be just fine.

I was sent home before any of the servers even showed up.

I spent Friday and Saturday on the couch, watching Parks & Rec and becoming obsessed with Smash.  (Really.  Obsessed.)  On Saturday around 3:30, Brad showed up on the couch next to me.  He had been sent home almost exactly 24 hours after I was.

We were sick.

I had made chicken noodle soup Thursday night after my awkward manicure because I had an inkling that something was awry with my immune system.

homemade chicken noodle soup

It was pretty much all I ate for three days straight – until Brad insisted we order Chinese on Sunday night for a change of pace.

Finally on Monday we started to come out of our haze.  I got up before noon and decided I needed to bake something.

We still had three containers of blueberries from the Farmer’s Market last week I hadn’t touched.  Nothing like blueberry muffins to make you feel human again.  Right?

blueberry muffins tinblueberry muffins

On that note, if you’re looking for an amazing blueberry muffin recipe check out this one I use via the awesome baking blog, La Petite Brioche.  With or without the crumble (which I think is a pain to make – especially before breakfast), they are delicious.

After muffins, we even ventured out to Primo Passo and got a chai.  And that took a lot out of us, so we went home and napped…

…But when we awoke, we were recharged!!  For some reason, I was also determined to make something amazing for dinner.  We had 5 or 6 squash of various kinds leftover from Farmer’s Market trips over the past month.  What else were we going to do with two acorn squash, one kombuca, and one tiny pumpkin?

Squash soup?


So we went to Whole Foods and we bought some nice Black Forest Ham, Foccacia Bread, and a few cheeses to experiment with.  Because what goes better with Squash soup than Fancy Grilled Cheese?  Yes!

Side note: We also saw Lisa Loeb at Whole Foods.  I was super excited.  Brad didn’t care whatsoever.  I remember I was listening to Lisa Loeb while Brad was listening to Nirvana.  We had very different middle school musical tastes.

Anyway, we roasted all the kinds of squash with salt, pepper, olive oil, ground clove, honey, chile flakes, bay leaves, fresh rosemary and thyme.

roasting squashessquash roasting squashOnce the squash was cooked through, we removed the skins and all of the herb sprigs.  We sautéed a few carrots, onions and celery, and then used our immersion blender to mix it all down to liquid form and then mixed it with a touch of cream and some chicken stock to get it to the right soupy consistency.

squash with herbs roasted squash

Then we crisped up some prosciutto, added a couple mint leaves, and sat down to our Squash Medley Soup and Grilled Cheese Feast.  And we watched more OnDemand TV until we just couldn’t stand it anymore.

Squash Soup with Crispy Prosciutto

Moral of the Sick Day story: If you’re gonna be sick, you might as well be sick with the one you love.

And you might as well have OnDemand TV, a comfy couch, a lot of tea and a variety of delicious homemade soups available.


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