Crabs and Dirty Hos

I can’t believe I didn’t tell you about my Super Bowl party yet!!


Obviously nothing too outrageous happened, because you didn’t hear about it on the news, but we had a grand old time.  I decided superstitiously against wearing my jersey because I hadn’t worn it yet this post season.  I wore the purple I’d worn the last two games just to make sure I wasn’t jinxing anybody.

purple shirt

I used the jersey for decoration instead.  I also bought a Ravens balloon at the grocery store (a Ravens balloon in California? I had to!) and I whipped up a whole lot of Maryland-themed food.

While I wish Brad had been able to get off of work and hang out for the party, I was very proud that I made absolutely everything all on my own and threw quite a successful little party!  We dimmed the lights and watched Beyonce (twice), we survived the blackout, we ate a ton.

In case you are wondering, Maryland-themed food pretty much just means anything with Old Bay or crab meat in it.  So I bought a ton of crab.


And then because the Ravens were in the Super Bowl, I threw in a few purple foods for a little color.

The spread consisted of…

IMG_7200a IMG_7189a IMG_7191a IMG_7186a IMG_7182a

Old Bay Shrimp, Crab Dip, Crab Cakes, Purple Coleslaw, Old Bay Wings, Purple & Gold Cupcakes, and Dirty Hos.

Yes, Dirty Hos.

Dirty Ho drink

And my favorite text of the night was this one:

dirty ho text from mom

Yep, from my mother.

A Dirty Ho is actually a very delicious beverage, one that I discovered in a tiny hole-in-the-wall biker/karaoke bar in Orlando, FL called Big Daddy’s.  This was the place I would spend most of my college Thursday nights, celebrating three 22nd birthdays (until I actually turned 23) and belting out whatever song I chose for the evening.

Big Daddy’s didn’t have liquor, just beer and wine (and heavy clouds of cigarette smoke), so they had a “mixed beer” menu where they came up with crazy beer combinations.

1 part Framboise + 2 parts Hoegaarden = a Dirty Ho

So while I was unsuccessfully scouring Santa Monica for Natty Bo the week before the Super Bowl, I gave up and opted for purple instead.

Turns out Dirty Hos are just as delicious as they were in college.  I had quite a few before we went out to celebrate the Ravens win and I switched to something a little less fruity…

And I was even kind enough to save Brad a plate.  Couldn’t just have the apartment smelling like crabs and Dirty Hos when he got home and not have any to offer him…

leftover plate



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