Beautiful Blogger Award!

I was recently nominated for an award!


Many thanks to Ine Therese Back Iverson, the wonderful blogger who nominated me!  It’s so amazing to see that people are reading what I write and are enjoying my crazy LA stories.

Ine is actually a fellow immigrant to Los Angeles and is also working her butt off to make her dreams come true in this big city.  I now follow her blog and I love reading her LA adventures.  When you’re figuring out a completely new city and working hard to make dreams reality, it is comforting to have other people’s stories about the struggles and successes to make you feel more sane.  I wish her the best of luck in all of her endeavors, and I’m so glad we have found each other’s blogs!  Thank you, Ine, for the Beautiful Blogger nomination!

Now, part of this award is that I have to pass it on.  I have to tell you seven hopefully extremely interesting things you might not know about me, and then I have to nominate other deserving bloggers.

1. I am really good at math.  Not to toot my own horn, but it was always something I just really liked.  Especially algebra.  I think I enjoyed the fact that there was one answer, and I could prove that answer in a serious of steps.  I could double check my test and know if I were right or wrong.  There was no room for opinions.  Still now at work, I love counting the money at the end of the night and dealing it out.  I just really like numbers.  (I know, nerdy)

2. In fourth grade, I sang in the “World’s Largest Concert”, hosted by Keisha Knight Pullium. I thought I was super cool in my blue flight attendant-looking outfit when I got my close-up on PBS.  Super awesome when you’re nine.

Music Educators Journal-1994-Articles-18-20

3. My great grandmother liked sausage and beer.  This trait is obviously genetic.  (Ok, this isn’t really about me, but it’s interesting, no?)

great grandma w sausage

4. I got my belly button pierced when I was 17 without my parent’s permission.  Probably one of the more rebellious things I did as a teenager.  My friend Michelle and I drove to this place like an hour away from home where all the cheerleaders had gotten theirs done.  Like half of the girls in my grade had their pictures on the wall.  I hid it from my mom until I showed her the prom dress I wanted to wear that showed my stomach (By then I was 18 and it was legal.  Mom still wasn’t happy.)  About a year ago my cousin messaged me on Facebook and told me she had just taken her two year old daughter to get her ears pierced and she saw my belly-baring picture on the wall.  Loved this!

5. You can’t touch my inner elbow.  You know, the part of your arm that they draw blood from?  It freaks me out.  I hate it.  Seriously, don’t touch it.

6.  I pierced my own ear once.  Gave myself a third hole in my left ear with an ice cube and a safety pin.  I really wanted to wear this star earring that I lost the pair to in the swimming pool when I was, like…8?  Seriously, I’ve had one single star earring in my jewelry box since then.  Still do.  But two weeks after I poked a hole in my ear, I went to field hockey camp and we weren’t allowed to wear any jewelry so I had to take it out.  You can still kind of feel the bump…

7.  I started my own freelance “company” called Eat & Tweet Social Media, where I help restaurants with their social media campaigns.  My first official client is the great Tar & Roses, but I have a few other meetings set up to expand.  Who knew I had time for that??

Whew.  Glad that’s over.

Now for the seven bloggers that I also feel are deserving of an award!

Sixty Six Days of Sarah – This girl choreographed my plastic pants dance.  And she started a blog to document the end of the world & the countdown to her 30th birthday… and now she just blogs because she’s awesome.  I love reading about her and her NYC life!

Behold A Honey Bee – One half of this awesome duo is another girl I went to HHS with, Melissa.  I love their style boards, their recipes, and their fun DIYs!

Spite or Flight – A hilarious and wonderful family friend.  I’m not really into babies, but I’m really pulling for this lady & her husbang to make one because it would be an awesome addition to this world!

Sarah Out Loud – Sarah was a fellow music major at Rollins (as was her husband!), and I love reading about her new addition to the family, Cora!

Daily Nibbles – Always thinking about her next meal.  I mean, who isn’t?

Happiness Stan Lives Here – I really like this guys food and the way he talks about it.  And he made crab cakes recently so I’m of course a big fan.

The Girl With the Blue Blow – A fantastic music blog where I find all kinds of new music.  Christianna is super creative and cool and I once helped her with an online EP release party and it was awesome!


Think I may just have to get all dressed up and have a celebratory drink tonight for this!  Cheers to my Beautiful Blogger Award Day!


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