Food Valentines

Brad and I don’t get to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

It’s one of those “holidays” that there is no way you’re going to get off in the restaurant industry.  And I could insert the standard “We show each other we love each other 365 days a year, not just on Valentine’s Day” excuse for being ok with it (which is absolutely true!), but not going out and celebrating Valentine’s Day is really no big deal.

Mostly because our favorite restaurants are crazy on February 14th.  We would definitely be one of those people celebrating on the 13th or the 15th.

Or heck, on the 26th.  Because my birthday (2/26 if you’re wondering…) is just a few weeks after VDay, and birthdays require some serious celebrating.  Personally, I would much rather save up that celebration energy and spend it all on a birthday celebration.  What can I say, I’m getting old.

Despite all of our Valentine’s Day un-celebration, I always try to do something little for Brad on Valentine’s Day.  A love note or a candy bar or something love-y.  I found these Food Valentines over on The Indigo Bunting this year and kind of thought they’d be perfect for my husband who lives in the land of food.

These are two of my favorites.

beet of my heart canoodle

I hope you all have a love-filled Valentines Day with the one you love.  Eat a fancy meal, go ride a ferris wheel, sing a song, take a romantic walk, or just tell that person who you love that you love them with all your heart.

Because I may not get to celebrate, but I really, really love love!


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