St. Patrick’s Day: Bein’ Green


With a name like Kelly, people are always asking me if I’m Irish.

I’m sure I have a little Irish in me, but I can assure you Bylsma is not an Irish name.  And my mom’s side is mostly German.

So today, while people are drinking green beer and eating corned beef hash, I will be avoiding leaving my house for fear of crossing the LA marathon runners.  Maybe I’ll sneak a shot of Jameson in there somewhere…

But I wanted to spread a little festive green, so I am sharing this Ray Charles video with you.  When I was little, my grandparents had one of those tiny keyboards who’s keys light up to guide you through playing a song. “Bein’ Green” was one of the choices, and to this day the tune still reminds me of those Sundays we spent over at the Shurtleffs.

Ray Charles’ version is obviously a little more dynamic than my little Casio keyboard ever allowed me to be…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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