What I’m Listening To: Hannah Georgas

Just so you know, I am spending the rest of the day on the couch.  And not as a lazy couch potato.  No, although my couch is incredibly comfortable and will suck you in until you fall asleep and then you wake up at 5am with the TV blaring and the lights all still on…

No, this is a productive couch evening.

Photoshop is open, Spotify Radio is on, I have a notepad and an iPad next to me, candles are lit and I just made myself a cup of tea.

But while I am editing down the hundreds of pictures that I haven’t shared yet, I wanted to share with you a little gem I found this morning.

A few weeks ago, I found this little app on Spotify called we are hunted from one of my sister’s super cool friend’s Spotify feed.  She was listening to all of this music I’d never heard of before, and I’m a junky for new music so I went to check it out.

Basically, its an app to feed the new music junky in me.

Not only does it have lists and lists of new, emerging artists, but it will also create you an instant playlist based on an artist you already like.

How is this different from Spotify’s Radio Stations or Pandora, you say?

Well, the playlist they create for you is full of artists that you haven’t heard before.  And if you have heard of a few of them, you’re probably just really cool and have great taste in indy music.  So pat yourself on the back and go on to the next song, which now that you’ve heard will instantly give you even more street cred.

So back to this morning…  I created an Instant Playlist based on Feist.  And a few songs in, I came across Hannah Georgas.

hannah georgas
Hannah Georgas is an up and coming Canadian artist, who was just what I was looking for.  Her self titled latest album had definite indy rock influence, but laced with electronic sounds.  The 80s synth comes through without being electronica.

If you want to dance this weekend until the cops come…

And then something about this song seemed like it was a good follow up to yesterday’s post… “I get so hard on myself…”

Even her first album, which is a totally different vibe, hooked me.  And this video looks like a creepy/amazing 90s sleepover I probably went to.

Until the end.  I never broke it down like that in the 90s.


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