First Rate Version of Myself

This past break from blogging has been my longest since I’ve started this blog.  And a couple of days ago I started beating myself up about it.  What was going on with me that I couldn’t find time to sit down and tell you about all of the things that have been happening?  Especially with some of the crappy stuff, because for me, writing is the greatest therapy.

But that’s just it.  All the crappy stuff.  All that crappy stuff takes up a lot of time and energy.  So in those times that I’d usually sit down and edit photos and share my stories, I was napping or Craigslist-ing or just taking some me time.

In all of the reflection over all of the changes the past few weeks, I’m doing my best to stay sunny.  I’m settling into an evolving definition of “self” and trying to really pin down which path is right for me to take next.

But with the self reflection for me comes self doubt, so I’m also working on staying true to myself and my dreams and goals.  My career won’t be one that evolves in an office or with a 401K and benefits.  But a lot of the people that I admire and who inspire me didn’t have that kind of career, either.  The professional life that I want doesn’t have boundaries or walls or  a retirement plan.  (Sorry Dad… Maybe I’ll start saving when I’m 30?)

So I found this Judy Garland quote today while sifting through some old links, and I thought it was very fitting.

judy garland first rate version

In the times that I look at my successful friends and other people my age who got their break what seems like so many years ago, I have to remind myself that all of our stories are still being written.  And the first rate version of myself will always be better than an attempt at the recreation of someone else’s success.

I can’t try and fit myself into someone else’s shoes.  And I can’t compare my life and my successes to those of other people.  Brad often reminds me of how awesome our journey is, even if it is turning out different than our expectations.  We are creating a lifetime of memories and experiences.

One awesome adventure at a time.  Thanks for sticking around for it.  🙂



5 thoughts on “First Rate Version of Myself

  1. I can totally relate to this! As we’re “growing up” I am finding that I have to remind myself I can’t compare my life as it is now to others of my same age etc. That my successes, bumps in the road & other crazy journeys are customized just specifically for my life & if my life was exactly like someone elses’ well that’d be boring right? I also probably will never have a career with a retirement plan!! such is life… smile and take one day at a time is my theory these days, because life is short.

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