Our Weekend: Catching Up

I’ve actually had kind of a real weekend lately, and with Brad in between jobs at the moment, we had a little time to catch up with each other.

Except for Thursday night, when I decided to go to my first concert solo.  I was a little worried I’d be the weird girl by herself in the back, but in a dark crowd of people, no one really cares who you’re there with.  It’s all about the band – who were a little more rocking than I expected, but still great.

joy formidable

We also had a tiny houseguest this weekend – our old neighbor’s dog, Indiana Bones.  Gibson and Indy are great friends, so I think they had a fun puppy sleepover.  They sure did make me look like an idiot when I walked them together.  The whole experience gave me a supreme appreciation for people who have two dogs.  Especially one male and one female.  There was a lot of humping going on that I wasn’t really sure I was comfortable with…

But in a quieter moment, here is Gibson showing Indy how to beg for food while I am preparing Brad’s celebratory “New Beginnings” dinner after his last shift at T&R.  Such a valuable skill in our kitchen.indy and gibs

I wanted his celebratory dinner to be something special, but I was kind of exhausted from puppy policing.  So I kept it semi-simple.  I made crab cakes for when he got home at 2AM, and bought some delicious Brioche buns for sandwiches.  I really don’t think there is much better than a crab cake sandwich.  Especially at 2AM.

Brad ate three.  I think I was successful.crabcake sandwich

I also bought myself a whole lot of new teas this weekend.  I have been drinking a lot more tea for two reasons. #1 – I’m always cold.  When will it be summer??  #2 – Yogi Teas have these cute little sayings on every tea bag.  It’s like a fortune cookie with each cup.

Do I like the taste of tea?  No, not really.  I’m experimenting with flavors, and I’ll drink a whole cup or three, but I don’t like it.  It’s just warm, kind of flavored water.  Doesn’t that sound gross?

I do however like fortunes and inspirational sayings attached to my beverage of choice.

Therefore, I am now a flavored warm water drinker.IMG_8020

The weekend was also spent practicing and practicing and practicing some more.  If you’ve noticed, I’ve revived my Facebook music Page (if you want to go be a fan :)…), and I’m really working hard at getting my act together.  First open mic next Sunday night!!

I’ve also been writing some new material, so hopefully I’ll have a few new songs for you to listen to really soon.practicing guitar

You can’t really tell from this picture, but my fingertips were super swollen.  I keep playing until I absolutely can’t play anymore.  It feels kind of badass.

And kind of painful.  But in a badass way.swollen fingers

Then, of course, Brad came home and played through all of the music I’d been struggling with all day in about fifteen minutes.

I tried to convince him to drop the cooking thing and start a husband/wife band with me.  We’d travel around in an RV and play in sketchy bars and meet crazy people and see the world!

The Mathews!  On tour!

I’m still working on that one…brad and guitar

We also ate some delicious food…  Like the amazing Garlic Knot at Milo & Olive.

garlic knot

And this delicious pork jowel from Manhattan Beach Post, which is on Brad’s list of potential new employers.  Our meal was fantastic.  I give this one two big thumbs up.
MB Post lamb belly

To top things off, I made some delicious blueberry pancakes while Brad introduced his father to the world of FaceTime on Sunday morning.blueberry pancakes

Finally, the puppies were tired.  I celebrated.sleeping dogsSigh.  Such a peaceful sight.

Hope you all are having a wonderful and warm Monday!  Here’s to an eventful and exciting week ahead!


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