I’ve Been Baking…

On days when I’m not sure what to write about for this NaBloPoMo thing, I like to look back through my photos to jog my memory.

So much has happened that I never shared with you!

Today I wanted to calm all of your fears.  I know last year I shared some killer desserts.  I was really getting into my Cherry Crostatas and Blueberry Tarts…  I was baking a lot.

But please, please don’t worry.  Although I didn’t share many of our sweet tooth delights this summer, they were absolutely being made – and devoured.

Like this mixed berry crostata:


That ended up looking like a murder scene.IMG_8348

Or this peach and blackberry crostata that was originally served for dessert with sweet corn ice-cream

(sounds weird – is NOT weird)

And then was finished in bed for breakfast the next morning…IMG_9378IMG_9382And then there was the one time I made an amazing banana cake

IMG_8768And the time Brad was having a hard week so I made him a giant plate of cookies…


Or the time I changed up my crostata shape…IMG_0246Or the time I made Miss Susan’s brownie recipe at 2AM for the billionth time

(I have it memorized now)


Or the awesome lattice work on my latest peach pie…IMG_9952

Yep, I’ve been baking.  Maybe I’ll throw you a recipe sometime soon?


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