Beauty In Recovery

I started out 2014 with such gumption!  Eight weeks until my 30th birthday!  Eight weeks to get into fighting shape!  A great workout plan!  A January detox from holiday partying!

Wah, wah, wah….

Well, I’ve spent exactly half of the first eight days of 2014 on my couch.  The flu struck, and it got me good.  I think I was asleep pretty much from Sunday afternoon until about Tuesday morning.  And trust me, being asleep was much better than what was happening when I was awake.

So after the cleanse that was not meant to be a cleanse, I tried to find some beauty in the giant stall of my grand plans.  Here’s what I came up with.


I spent a lot of time napping with this one.  She can be so peaceful when she’s calm – which is only after the mailman has come for the day.

AmaryllisMy friend Chapin gave me a paper white bulb in a jar of rocks for Christmas, and I was – naturally – curious.  So I did as I was told and filled it with a little bit of water.  And here we are, a few weeks later, waiting for bloom in the middle of January.

IMG_1235I used one of the generous gift cards from Anthropologie I got for Christmas on a few sale items the day after… and they finally arrived the first day of my sickness!  I can assure you, an Anthropologie box has never before gone 48 hours in this house unopened if it wasn’t wrapped in wrapping paper and tucked under a tree.  This was how I knew exactly how sick I was.

Chicken Noodle SoupAfter encountering a few “I feel so sorry for myself” tears, Brad texted my mom and asked her for her chicken noodle soup recipe.  Of course, he couldn’t resist throwing in a few tricks of his own (BACON!), but it made this sick girl so very happy, while easing the homesickness a bit.

light from the couchAnd then yesterday morning, as I resumed my place on the couch amongst the pillows, I realized that I had a pretty awesome place to recover.  The sunlight shone in on me and Gibson, and we took yet another nap.

I am on the mend, taking excellent care of myself and allowing myself to be taken care of by the wonderful husband that I am so lucky to have.  Hopefully, in just a few days I will be back to my old self and well on my way to getting ready for the big 3-0 celebration.

Until then, I am on the couch.  Still enjoying the beauty in, and of, recovery.


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