2014: From Focus to Action


Company has gone back home.  The presents are unwrapped and in use.  The tree is gone, and there is a pile of lights and angels and fancy tins that still smell like cookies waiting to be taken down to their place in the garage.

The holidays are over.

It’s strange to me every year how much anticipation there is for Christmas and New Years, and then how quickly it’s all gone.  So today, I sat back with a cup of Peach Detox tea (love the stuff. worth detoxing for.) and thought about it all.  How busy the past month has been and how a strangely quiet Christmas turned out to be exactly what we needed. It may not have been the perfect celebration of our dreams with our families, but we had a really great time anyway.  Our holiday season was far from lonely or sad.  It was filled with joy, celebration, and reflection.

I am so proud of where Brad and I are right now.  There were so many challenges and choices to face in 2013, and I stand by every decision we made together.  A year ago today, I wouldn’t be able to fathom that Brad and I could both walk away from an opportunity like Tar & Roses.  I could have only hoped that I learned the guitar as well as I did, and that I performed so many of my own songs in public.

I don’t tend to make New Year’s Resolutions.  Instead, I’m constantly setting goals for myself throughout the year.  But last year, I chose a word to be my “word of 2013”.  A word to center myself on and meditate on throughout the year.  My word of the year for 2013 was focus.  I wanted to really hone in and use my time wisely to start steps toward achieving my aspirations.  No more getting distracted and committing to things because they were safe or comfortable.

It was a wonderful year to really focus.  2013 was also the year I turned 29, and being in the last year of my twenties, I spent this year reflecting and cutting out the excess and figuring out what I had to do to be happy and successful.  I was also real with myself about my abilities, my passions, and where my career path was heading.  And, having spent most of my twenties see-sawing between the music industry and the restaurant industry, I think I’ve found a pretty happy balance.


For 2014, I’m choosing “action”.  I’m choosing to take all of these passion projects and hobbies and ideas I’ve been focusing on and making plans for, and I’m going to put them into play.  This is the year that my YouTube videos become gigs around Santa Monica.  This is the year that I get back to blogging seriously.  This is the year that I share my love of wine through more Affordable Wine Reviews and more delicious dessert recipes.

Action is a scary word sometimes, especially when you’re trying something new or when you’re sharing a little piece of your soul with those who happen to be watching.  I feel like I spent 2013 setting up the pins so this year I could knock them down, one by one, with confidence.

I am fully expecting to stumble a little along the way, but along with saying goodbye to 2013, I’m about to say goodbye to my twenties.  And I am so excited to be in the position I am to be starting this new chapter in an exciting way.  2014 and everything after it is looking bright, but it is because of the hard work and the lessons learned in 2013 and the years before it.

Because as Sarah said it last year“I think 2013 is going to be a hard year.  A transition year.  And then 2014 will be a great year.”

Boy was she right about 2013.  Let’s hope she’s got the second half, too.

Happy New Year!


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