Goals Update #2

November 6 was the second date on my music goals for the year, so I wanted to give another update on what’s happening.

First of all, another successful three months.  I really feel like my guitar playing has vastly improved, and my songwriting is coming along in leaps and bounds, too.  I go back to play some of the first songs I wrote this year, and I still like them, but I can absolutely see how I’ve used started using better techniques as the year has gone on.  My songs are getting to be more interesting, more thought out, and more creative than I ever thought I could make them.  I like when I hear a pop song on the radio and I can confidentially say to Brad, “My lyrics are way better than this crap.”

That being said, my goals have morphed a little bit over the time since I wrote them.  I created these very specific markers that I wanted to achieve at very specific times without really knowing how the adventure would unfold.  And although I think it was a wonderful first guideline to get my butt in gear and push myself to do everything I am capable of while still reaching for more, those first goals and have evolved based on what I’ve learned along the way.

So here is that picture of my original goals again:
music goalsBy November 6th, I wanted to have:

Recorded 6 original songs

A Photoshoot

A music website up and running

Booked a show

12 original songs performance ready

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t 100% achieve all of these goals.  But the most important thing is that I learned a ton about what I am doing and what I want to put out there in these last three months.  I sat down and talked with some of my friends that are amazing talents and resources, and they gave me a little perspective on what the road to releasing my first EP.

guitar selfie

Lets go through them all:

Recorded 6 songs – I have the guitar parts recorded for six, possibly seven songs.  And then the flu struck.  And then I went home for a week.  And then the never ending cold hit.  Once I’m back in better vocal health, I will absolutely bang out those vocals and get some stuff on bandcamp for you to download!

A Photoshoot – Check!  I thought this was really important for when I started putting anything out there.  I wanted a professional portrait of myself to promote myself and my music with.  I also wanted some awesome pictures for that website that I was putting together, along with my Facebook Page and Twitter accounts.  My friends Sarah and Gianna helped me put together some really beautiful photos!

Music Website – I actually bribed a friend into coming over and helping me with website questions in exchange for a dinner prepared by Brad.  Having a chef husband comes in very handy when you need website advice (and when you want to hang out with and catch up with your friends, too 🙂 ).  Tim helped me come to the conclusion that, for right now, there was no real point to spending the time or money on a professional website.  I have my Facebook Page.  I have my YouTube page.  Until I have tour dates or a gajillion fans, those will work just great for what I need them for.  I like this.  Money saved!

Booked a show – Unfortunately, no.  I did my research and asked around as to what I needed to have prepared in order to get booked at places around town.  I learned that unless I know someone who’s willing to take a chance on me, I need a demo.  I need a package to show bookers.  I’m working on that now!  (I was kind of counting on our Open Mic favorite, Bar Pico, would be the place to book my first show, but they closed 😦 On to the next one!)

12 original songs – Ok, I have 10.  And then I have at least 8 covers.  I’m pretty darn happy with that!

guitar and denim

So there it is.  My year of focusing on music is still going strong, and truthfully, I’m happier than ever.  I hadn’t played the guitar in a while because of being sick and out of town for so long, and when I picked it up yesterday it made me so calm and complete.  I still can barely sing, but just having the ability to make music whenever and wherever I want to… I actually stopped at one moment and thought how good it was making me feel.  I am really, truly proud of the music I am making right now and I can not wait to share it with everyone.  I cannot wait to show everyone what I’ve been working so hard on.

I truly believe that music heals.  And although this has been a roller coaster of a year, I’m so happy that I’m taking this time to do what is in my heart.

Who knows where I’ll be on my journey in three months, but I hope you’re all there with me!


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