Beauty is All Around

Yea so remember when I told you that I was inspired by Beyonce’s guerrilla-like filming for some of her new videos?

Well… on New Years Eve I was super inspired.  By Beyonce, by being surrounded by best friends, by a talented husband, and by a few bottles of champagne.

So inspired that as we walked to the car after the celebrations were over, I found the beauty in the walk.  At 2AM.

I think my exact words were, “If I were Beyonce, I’d totally be making a video right now.”

So… this is what a few stills from my video would look like.

IMG_1170 IMG_1174 IMG_1179 IMG_1182Honestly, I think it’d be a pretty incredible video.  It was a pretty incredible night.

Oh boy…


One thought on “Beauty is All Around

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