Homemade Butter With Your Kitchenaid Mixer

Last week I stopped by the raw milk stand at the Santa Monica Farmer’s market, which is right next to our dear friend who sells pork and flowers.

(i have such a normal life)

I wanted to buy a gallon of raw milk so I could make myself another batch of delicious homemade mozzarella.  But when I stopped by, my raw milk lady had a mason jar out with her, and was showing the guy in front of me a funny yellow blob that was inside.

She had made her own butter!

So, naturally, I asked her all about it. It was something I’m sure I had done in kindergarden or girl scouts when I was young.  And I had been wanting to experiment with shortbread cookies ever since making those shortbread caramels, so homemade butter could take my next baking project over the top!

I bought a container of cream with my mozzarella milk and went on my way.

butter from cream with kitchen aide

A little nervous about the arm workout I was in for with all the mason-jar shaking in my future, I told Brad about my plan.  Of course he had a genius idea.

Skip the mason jar. Use the KitchenAid.

butter from cream with kitchen aide butter from cream with kitchen aide

Only halfway feeling like I was cheating (i was making homemade butter! that’s already the opposite of cheating!), I started up my stand mixer and let it go.  Brad only gave me one bit of advice:

Use plastic wrap.

If you see this, you are very, very close to the good stuff... butter from cream with kitchen aidediy butter from cream with your kitchenaide mixer

And he was totally right.  Here’s a quick video of the progression from manageable mixing to potential sloppy mess to… well, butter!

I waited until the last minute to wrap up my mixer with plastic wrap, mostly for pictures sake, but once the mixture starts looking remotely close to separating, cover it up!!

Plus, if you see this, you are very, very close to the good stuff…

butter from cream with kitchen aide

Then… magic happens.

butter from cream with kitchen aide butter from cream with kitchen aideIf you are interested in making your own butter, know that 16 oz of cream yields about a half pound of butter and about a cup of buttermilk.  I saved my buttermilk for other baking projects (biscuits, pancakes, cakes…), as well!

butter from cream with kitchen aidebutter from cream with kitchen aide

I also made unsalted butter since I didn’t salt my cream before churning, but afterwards I garnished the top with a tiny pinch just to add flavor.  Next time, I might add in a pinch of salt at the beginning so it is fully incorporated into the butter.  Or I might try to find a higher fat content cream.  Or add in some herbs.

butter from cream with kitchen aide butter from cream with kitchen aide

I mean, I can always use more butter.

I’ll let you know how the future butter and shortbread experimenting turn out, for sure.  But until then, I’ve been using this butter on toast and to fry up eggs with in the mornings.  I’m not claiming to be an all-things-dairy-extrodinaire quite yet, but homemade butter seems to taste just a little better than the store bought stuff.

butter from cream with kitchen aide

Could just be because I still have use of my arms.


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3 thoughts on “Homemade Butter With Your Kitchenaid Mixer

  1. Hey dear friend, I lovvvvve this. How long can you keep the butter? Also where did you get the cream? Is it at the regular publix?

    • Alice! You should definitely give this a try. The butter won’t keep as long as store bought butter, maybe a month or two just in the fridge? But I used all of mine way before that! Also, you can definitely use regular, store-bought cream. Heavy whipping cream will work. The higher the fat content the better 🙂 Tell me how it goes!

      • I did it! Coolest thing ever. I added onion and garlic powder to it. Also already used it all 🙂 thanks for the creative motivation. I’m going to make some more later this week.

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