Brad’s Craft!

I just realized I never told you about Brad’s craft! It may be my favorite craft yet!

Brad and I have a funky shaped kitchen in our new place. Seriously funky. It starts out all normal then twists back into this funny little dark corner with another countertop and a pantry. The pantry is nice, but the corner is funky.

Our kitchen also had one big eyesore. The hot water heater was tucked right in next to our stove and was fully on display. When I looked at the apartment the first time I remember thinking that if that was the one thing I didn’t like about the apartment, we were going to take it.

And I was going to find a way to hide that hot water heater.

So fast forward to the day that I put together my lovely cork board art, Brad and I had long been talking about hiding the heater with a chalkboard. Then we could write lists of what we need at the store, notes to each other, or just doodles. When I bought all my table tops and wood glue, Brad bought two pieces of plywood.

It was Kels and Brad craft day.

Brad nailed a support on the back of the panels to keep them together and sturdy, and then he went to work spray painting.

A coat of primer and two coats of chalkboard paint later, we patiently waited for them to dry… And then had to go out to the store to buy chalk so we could immediately start drawing.

Two stores later, we were equipped with chalk and a lot of ideas for our new chalkboard!

We put the chalkboard up, securing it gently with three small nails and plenty of room to easily pull it off if we ever needed to get back to the heater. I was concerned about it being flammable. Brad reminded me there was paint on the walls that doesn’t catch on fire. I was reminded that sometimes I am not very logical…

Imagine where that chalkboard is used to be an ugly hot water heater.  Now we have a fun chalkboard wall that makes our kitchen seem so much more put together!

Some of my favorite current doodles on the hot-water-heater-hider-chalkboard are:

I was drinking wine and singing “Yellow Submarine”.  Of course…

Piggie drawn for Brad when he took a nap after completing the craft.  Crafts make Brad sleepy.

Come over and doodle anytime!!

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