Recycling Wedding Crafts Into Everyday Crafts

2011 was (and still is) an amazing year for me and my family.  The highlights?

It was my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary!

My sister graduated from University of Delaware!

My dad turned 60!

My brother and sister in law found out they were expecting their first child!

And Brad and I got married!!!!

(Not that this particularly deserves any more !!s than the other stories, because ALL of these stories are AMAZING.  And even more amazing that they all happened in one fantastic year!)

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it (sarcasm), but I finally got my first iPhone.  This was the last picture taken from my old, crappy, barely working DROID 2:

And then this picture was just taken from my amazing, shiny, wonderful and new iPhone 4S:

Saying I’m happy is the understatement of the year.

Anyway.  So Brad, the wonderful man he is, forwarded me a few pictures that he thought I might want to use as a background on my new phone.  These are the pics he sent me:

Of course, the bicycle one.  It’s fantastic.  Have I mentioned our photographers were AWESOME?

The second one reminded me that this was also the year that I really started getting crafty again.  And I started thinking back to all of the fun projects I did throughout the year with Henry Wine Group and then all of the amazing wedding crafts that inspired so many other fun things.  This blog, being one of them.  I just had too many creations to NOT share with everyone.

Oh, and I realized how far I stretched all those craft supplies that I bought for the wedding.  I still have some left.  Want to throw a killer wedding?  First, invite these lovely ladies to fly across the United States and spend a few days crafting with you:

Seriously, this was me putting together  boutonnieres a few hours before my wedding.  Not thinking about hair or makeup or whatever.  I was loving it.

Then get a whole bunch of herbs and $40 worth of Farmer’s Market flowers paired with Mason jars, paper bags, twine, tag cutters, stamps, stamp ink, card stock, doilies, glue sticks and a whole lot of wine corks.  That made all of these wedding things:

And although most brides are absolutely lying when they say you can wear your bridesmaid dress again (but Nicki better find a reason to wear hers, it was awesome), the crafts were actually very well re-used.

After the wedding, all the leftover supplies doubled as the skeletons of all of these wonderful projects that all in some way remind me of our wedding day.

Wine Cork Boards (lots of corks)

DIY Business Cards (card stock)

Wedding Cards (card stock)

Our Thank You Notes (doilies, card stock, paper bags)

Flower Vases (twine wrapped vases/jars from the wedding)

Christmas Presents!!! (tag cutter, stamps & ink, twine)

Hanging REAL mistletoe (twine)

Talk about recycling.  I’m saving the planet, one craft at a time!

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