Brad and Kelly Valentine’s Day

When you’re in the restaurant industry, you have to make what you can of holidays.

We generally work all holidays.  Most of us still get off Thanksgiving and Christmas (although Brad worked on Thanksgiving this year… boo), but Halloween, The Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve?  We’re probably working.

Same goes for Valentine’s Day.  And though I miraculously had the night known for camping two-tops off, Brad was working a double.  10AM to 10PM.

No big deal.  I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day anyway.

So our thing is we celebrate holidays on whatever day we can.  And since we had tickets to see “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” for February 15th, we decided that would be Brad and Kelly Valentine’s Day.

It started off just like any other Wednesday – with a trip to the market.  Except it was about 50 degrees and raining on and off.  And the wind was whipping through the market like mad.

I have turned into a big baby.  I was freezing.

The boys started checking out produce under cover.

But we made it through.  We got flowers beets and radishes and peas and eggs and berries and raisins (real California Raisins!!).

We also saw a group of about fifteen 2nd graders on a field trip ALL EAT AN OYSTER.  If someone had put a raw oyster in front of me in 2nd grade I would have asked them for a Swiss Cake Roll.  Are you freaking kidding me?

Only in California…

So we went home, where I made myself a hot tea and took my weekly produce picture.

Then I had my voice lesson, where did my own tribute and brought a little Whitney Houston to sing.  Voice lessons are so much more fun when you can bring in any song you want to sing and it doesn’t count for a grade or a performance.  So far, I have sung Adele, Joss Stone, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston.  And while I’m sure I’m not doing them justice, it sure is fun and worth the $$


So then Brad and I got all dolled up and headed over to Hollywood.  We had dinner at the amazing AOC, where our dinner consisted of 90% butter, 8% bread, and 2% nutritional value.  But it was 100000% delicious.

Next we headed over to the theatre (which we kept saying with a snobby accent, just because it sounded so ridiculous).  We paid for parking mostly in coins.  The attendant laughed at us.  This was not a good start to the theatre…

But then we saw the Technicolored Carpet for the VIP ticket holders.

And there was booze allowed into the theatre (read it with the accent) – which I loved.  And there was a cocktail area sponsored by Hypnotiq – which I thought was horribly out of place but pretty darn entertaining.

The show was fun and awesome, but the Saban Theatre was incredible.  The art deco was stunning.

Seriously, awesome.

Even the carpeting was incredible.

And although we weren’t allowed to eat or drink at the VIP after party (because there was also an after party for this musical… All for charity, folks), we sat and I enjoyed my last glass of wine in the really good seats until they kicked us out.

It was a perfect “Valentine’s Day”.  No crowds, no insanely busy restaurants, and no mushy gushy heart stuff.  Just me and the hubby, crashing the “Joseph” VIP after party- complete with Hypnotiq drinks.

Again.. what is our life?



2 thoughts on “Brad and Kelly Valentine’s Day

    • Thank you!! I was thinking of the HHS production the whole time – and thinking how well we really did it! I’ll be home visiting my family in a few weeks and I promised Brad I’d play him the video. I’m sure he isn’t half as excited as I am:)

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