Kels’ Carrot, Apple, Ginger Juice

I’m hooked.

I’ve been juicing for the past couple of days.  Not as hardcore as I did a few months ago – I’ve had a couple salads thrown in there for a little crunch – but still, a lot of juice.

It’s just so much more fun when you can make your own.  You just throw things down that little tube and they come out – JUICE!

But my favorite recipe so far is a Carrot, Apple, Ginger juice that I’ve been making.  I’ve realized I have a thing for ginger.  I tend to use it in all of my juices to give them a little zing!  But in this juice especially, the flavors are a delicious combo of sweet and spicy.  I’ve been enjoying it as a lunch or an afternoon snack!  And today, I am on my first of two doubles over at the old R+D so I will be bringing a thermos to get me through.

Kels’ Carrot, Apple, Ginger Juice

makes about 24 oz of juice – 3 servings

15 carrots, stems removed

2 tart apples

(I used Pink Ladies from the Farmer’s Market, but Granny Smiths are good, too)

1.5 inch piece of ginger

Looks delicious, right??

And my awesome goblet glasses from Anthropologie that Brad got me for Christmas make it look extra awesome!  🙂

So now that I’ve been drinking a ton of carrots, I wanted to look into exactly what those orange veggies are good for, because they obviously don’t help people win $640 million dollar lotteries…

Turns out they are loaded with fiber, falcarinol, alpha and beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.  You can find websites preaching that they prevent cancer, aid in weight loss, have anti-aging nutrients, give you better night vision, and help protect from sun damage…

I’ll take it.  I think Bugs Bunny would be proud.



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