A Very Good Year

Today is the one year anniversary of the Bylsma/Mathews Wedding

What a fantastic day it was.  A teeny little celebration in Carmel Valley, California.

And the best crew of people we could have ever asked for.

Brad and I threw out the rule book and did our wedding exactly the way we wanted it.  We performed The Velvet Underground “I’m Stickin With You” instead of having a first dance.  We stayed in a big house with 16 of our friends.  We had a rockstar wedding.

And of course, we wrote our own vows.  Something about “till death do us part” is kind of creepy to me.  So Brad and I spent a lot of time writing vows that held meaning in every word, from bicycle rides to delicious food.


I, Brad Mathews

I, Kelly Bylsma

Take you to be my wife

Take you to be my husband

I promise to love you unconditionally

To be there for you always

To protect you from harm

And to never let you down

I promise not to change the station when you are enjoying one of YOUR songs

I promise not to cause any more altercations at concerts

I will never give you a reason to cry

But I will always have a tissue to wipe away your tears

I will pick you up if you ever fall

And I will pick you up from work when it is raining too hard for you to ride your bike home

You are my best friend

You are the only one for me

And I am so lucky to have found you

As your Husband/Wife I vow to inspire, support and motivate you, I promise to make your plans and dreams as important to me as my own,

I will be your collaborator in adventure, your accomplice in mischief, and your partner till the end

Together we will weather any storm

We will conquer every obstacle

And we will eat many amazing meals 


Today also just happens to be the day when our great friend, Neil, who also officiated our wedding, and his girlfriend Julie get in to town for a couple weeks.  We’ve made reservations at The Bazaar and rented an Escalade to drive us around Hollywood in style all evening.

And Brad reminded me this morning that today really IS Brad and Kelly day.  Officially.  Forever.\

Love you with all my heart, Brad.  I am so incredibly lucky to have found a man like you to adventure through this life with, to hold me up when I fall, and to tuck me into bed every night.  Thank you for being my partner and my teammate.  I am forever impressed and in awe of you.  So glad I get to keep you.

Happy Anniversary!


3 thoughts on “A Very Good Year

  1. kelly & brad – the true rock stars of love! there’s nothing greater! u have god’s promise — on earth as it is in heaven! may god continue his bounty of blessings upon u – especially during this sacred holy week & anniversary week — & give u this day ur daily bread & ur daily spiritual nourishment – now & forever! amen amore e baccio sister sorelle susanna xo

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