One Year Bloggiversary!

A whole year! I am (very carefully) drinking bubbly while I’m typing this.  I’ve had mishaps with champagne drinks and laptops before.  But they also involved pool-side mimosas, bikini gymnastics and a dance party. Ah my first ever apartment on … Continue reading

A Very Good Year

Today is the one year anniversary of the Bylsma/Mathews Wedding What a fantastic day it was.  A teeny little celebration in Carmel Valley, California. And the best crew of people we could have ever asked for. Brad and I threw … Continue reading

A Valentine’s Day Strawberry Rhubarb Sparkling Cocktail

Is it strange that I remember the first time I ever heard of Rhubarb? It was one of the first times I was up in Watkins Glen, NY, visiting Brad’s family.  We were driving back from hanging out in Ithaca … Continue reading

Sparklers and Bubbly Holiday Cocktails

What type of wine pairs nicely with nearly every food?  I’m talking Rib Eye Steak, Sushi, Thanksgiving Turkey, Chocolate, Soup, Pancakes, Fruit, Cheese Plates of any kind…  I’ve even drunk it with Cheez-Its, I’m sure. Bubbles. That’s right.  I’m a … Continue reading