One Year Bloggiversary!

A whole year!

I am (very carefully) drinking bubbly while I’m typing this.  I’ve had mishaps with champagne drinks and laptops before.  But they also involved pool-side mimosas, bikini gymnastics and a dance party.

Ah my first ever apartment on my own…

I am working on the dance party part this evening, but I poured my bubbly into a sturdy juice glass that is sitting almost two feet away from the keyboard.

MacBook Pro, I am older and wiser now.  And I hardly ever have time to wear a bikini.

So other than a dance party, I thought what is more appropriate to celebrate a One Year Bloggiversary with than cupcakes?

Especially cupcakes topped with gold sprinkles.

I searched high and low for edible glitter for these little guys, but I think the gold sprinkles were a darn good settle.

And what about champagne glasses rimmed with gold sprinkles?

It seems fitting that my one year landed on a market Wednesday.  Our kitchen is full of produce and a whole duck, and friends are on their way over to celebrate and kick off year two with what I’m sure are bound to be some great stories.

And Brad just ate the very last cupcake.  So, I’d better get baking.

Thank you so much for making this project of mine a fufilling success. I hope to bring even more recipes, restaurant reviews, adventure stories, cocktails and mouthwatering photos to the next year of The Key of Kels.



3 thoughts on “One Year Bloggiversary!

    • Thanks! Since we have sadly found many other things we should be spending money on than a new fancy camera, I am still taking pictures with my iPhone 4S. With good lighting and a nice setup, I think they look pretty good! I also clean them up a little with Photoshop before posting, which never hurts.

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