PigDependence Day!

Our 4th of July was epic.

The night before, I baked up a patriotic and kind of creepy looking mess that turned into a few delicious red, white and blue desserts.

In the morning David and I went on extreme Farmer’s Market trip.

The guys very professionally set up the back patio…

In preparation for this guy, who we named Franklin – in honor of Benjamin.

Even Gibson thought he was the cutest pig we’d ever seen.

As he roasted for about eight hours…

And we waited patiently for dinner…

photo courtesy of Adrian

The guys whipped up a killer 4th of July feast, including four very sexy roasted chickens…

50 sausages, 10 pounds of potatoes, 30 ears of corn, a flat of heirloom tomatoes…

Which turned into potato salad, coleslaw, tomato salad, and so very much more.

Dinner was served with a speech to honor the pig by

Don’t they just look joyous?


To top it all off, we had a crowd of some of the most incredible people that we know in Los Angeles, dipping freshly baked bread into pork drippings from the bottom of the Caja China.

All of the amazing grub was followed by a table full of desserts that disappeared within minutes

We only realized after everyone had left and the cleaning had commenced that we forgot to bring out my delicious blueberry tart, which I was incredibly thankful for a few bites of.  I even had the very last piece for my hangover breakfast the next morning…

Does the 4th of July get any better than this?

Or this?

I think not.  We are already planning next year’s PigDependence day.  Mark your calendars.


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