Walking The Dog

I never, ever thought I’d find myself saying this…

I realized this morning that I actually enjoy walking my dog.

Ok, that’s a lie. It wasn’t this morning. It was early afternoon. There was a holiday party last night, so Gibson and I spent all morning in bed.  But I’m lucky enough that one of my jobs can be done completely on my phone from the warmth and comfort of my bed.  So I don’t feel all that guilty for lounging.  I was actually being quite productive.

What isn’t a lie is that Gibson is fun to walk.  She trots around, smelling every tree and prancing down the sidewalk.  She wears her scarf proudly all around the streets North of Montana.  She’ll trot next to you when you speed up and sometimes its even like she’s actually smiling!

Sure, there is still the occasional horribly scary trash truck or FedEx man.  If there’s a skateboarder on the sidewalk, you might as well just turn around and head home.  And there is the definite possibility that the T Rex could come to life.

dog with dinosaur

But today a woman pushing a stroller rolled right on past us without so much as a tug on the leash. In my mind, it was like Gibson politely stepped out of the way and ushered the woman by.  “I insist!  You go right on ahead.  Lovely child you have there!”

Ok, that’s taking it a bit far.  But have you met my dog?  Seriously.  Have you tried to walk my dog?  Probably not.  Because until now, I didn’t want to subject anyone to that.  Until now it was a fight.  It was an upper body workout.  It was sort of a nightmare. Who has an agoraphobic dog?!?  We did.


Gibson is actually getting some good exercise now, which in turn means I am also getting some good exercise.  And it is so wonderful to see a happy, smiling pup doing exactly what dogs are supposed to love doing.

So let’s hope the T Rex never comes to life.  Because not only would we probably get eaten, but I could really get used to this fun walk thing.


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