There are only so many pictures you can take of carrots and radishes and beets and potatoes before you start realizing you miss the summer market.

The Winter Farmer’s Market has it’s own charm that doesn’t always involve produce.  This week there was real Mistletoe for sale, hanging from so many booths.  There were farmers wearing antlers and shoppers in red, sparkly top hats.  There are wreaths for sale and Christmas lights decorating booths.

And, I realized, there are a lot of really interesting tablecloths.


IMG_6457a IMG_6459a IMG_6469a IMG_6460a IMG_6455a IMG_6452a IMG_6456a IMG_6462a IMG_6461a IMG_6463a IMG_6475a IMG_6454a

Gotta spruce up those root vegetables somehow, right?


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