The Saddest Time of the Year

While Christmas is the “most wonderful time of the year”, maybe the saddest time of the year is in those moments after you’ve taken all of your holiday decorations down.

We finally took down our tree yesterday.  I was just going to vacuum up the stray pie needles…


And then I caved.  All of our windows were open.  It was 65 degrees out.  It didn’t really feel like the holidays anymore.

That and we hadn’t watered our tree in weeks.  I’m sure it was becoming more of a fire hazard every day.

After Brad took our dried out tree down to the dumpster, we were left with pine needle carnage everywhere.  In every corner.  Under the rug.  Behind the desk.  On the window sill.



But now my little music corner is back and my keyboard and microphone have a permanent set-up.  Therefore I am staring at them all the time and will be forced to record more.

Brad and I also drove by the Third Street Promenade yesterday, which seemed suprisingly bare after the bustle of the holiday season.  I even admitted it was nice to have Santa Monica back from all of the holiday shoppers.

So maybe there is a silver lining in the holidays being over.  I might still sneak in a Christmas song now and then until February, though…


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