Keeping Traditions

One thing I have learned in this huge transition phase that we are going through is that you have to figure out the traditions that are the most important to you and then you have to make them work.  It may be in a different form or at a different time, but you make it work because life doesn’t feel right without it.  You make it work because going a little out of your way for something that important to you isn’t such a big deal.

So Brad and I went to bed “early” last night.  (1:30?)  We set our alarms for early.  (8:20..)

Today was Market Day.

Brad and I decided Market Day was one of those important things.  It was a weekly tradition we had developed that made us feel like we were a part of something bigger.  We felt like we were connecting with our community and supporting the local economy and farmers.  Not only that, we have easy access to amazing locally grown food.  And when you’re completely immersed in the food industry, doesn’t that just make sense?

I tried going last week by myself and it was just sad.  I got my eggs.  I got some tangerines.  I took a couple of pictures and said hi to the farmers I know.  But Brad’s childlike excitement for talking to all of the farmers and chefs and asking about all of the new produce makes it a crazy experience every Wednesday.  He will disappear for twenty minutes and then reappear with stories of a new fruit or vegetable he has found or a little piece of something for me to try.

I freaking love my husband.

So we dragged ourselves out of bed before 9.  I took the dog for a walk.  He got ready for work and loaded his bike into the car.

And then we kept our market tradition.  A little earlier in the morning and without a group of Pintxo guys and a overflowing cart, but we market-ed together.  And it was wonderful in a new kind of market way.

Glorias Strawberries weiser kabocha Squash quince pop tart candy cane beet

I got my eggs.  I got my blueberries.  I got some tangerines.  I even got a homemade pop tart – my favorite!

But mostly, I was happy to have that special time back with Brad.  We both sacrificed just a little to make sure the things we love weren’t overshadowed or compromised by our ambitions to be successful (or to sleep later).

Farmer’s Market Wednesdays are back!


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