Old Bay Shrimp – GO RAVENS!

Today, I’m wearing purple for the AFC Championship game.  My nails have been painted purple.  I even planned on wearing purple under my work shirt tonight.

So when I got a text this morning asking if my breakfast was purple, I felt kind of like I was letting my team down.  Last year during the NFL playoffs, I was throwing Purple Brunch and making purple and crab themed food for all of my football loving friends.  What can I say, I relate athletic events to food.  But I guess I’ve been so caught up in my crazy month that I forgot to keep up the brunch tradition.

Sorry, team.  Maybe Super Bowl Sunday?

After I got that text, I started brainstorming how I could still make my food of the day Ravens/Maryland themed.  I had just lent out my food coloring (I know, that sounds weird, but I did), so purple eggs were out.  Instead, I ran across the street to the market and picked up a pound of shrimp.


One recipe I can make anytime of year, any time of day, that makes me feel a little closer to home is Old Bay Shrimp.  My mom used to make them when we had family parties, and I started making them in college because they took about five minute to make and they only required four easy (and cheap) ingredients.

Shrimp, Old Bay, White Vinegar and Water.  Even a college student could afford a lot of that.

And I always have a can of Old Bay (or three) on hand…

Three cans of Old Bay

The recipe is just on the back of the Old Bay can.  You don’t even have to remember anything.


So this afternoon I made myself some good old Baltimore Old Bay Shrimp.




I poured myself some sparkling Blackberry juice (it’s purple!) and roasted some purple carrots.  And then I peeled and ate almost the whole pound of shrimp.  And even though I have to go to work in a little bit and I’ll miss the game, I have to spread the Baltimore love out to the west coast.  Through food, purple shirts, and nail polish.

Let’s go Ravens!!!


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